Monday, June 8, 2015

Meek Inherit the Earth - Bad Prediction?

HT: Sam Storms

It was Jesus, who said in Matthew 5:5, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”
Needless to say, neither the editors of The Atlantic nor its readers nor the man who submitted this answer have any idea what Jesus is saying. But before we consider when this prediction will be fulfilled, and be fulfilled it will, it might help to think about what he means by the word “meek”.
Bobby Knight, former boisterous basketball coach at Indiana University, once said: “The meek may well inherit the earth, but they rarely get rebounds!” This comment reveals the common misconception of meekness: that it entails indolence, laziness, weakness of heart, a sort of mental and emotional flabbiness, perhaps a fear of expressing oneself forcefully, lack of aggression, a tendency to compromise when the truth is at stake. Others would identify meekness with a docile, dependent personality. None of this is true.
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