Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cross and Crescent Conference

HT: Mack Stiles

This summer, the same team that was at CROSS from the Arabian Peninsula will sponsor a conference on Islam and the Middle East. We’ll share stories during seminars, testimonies, plenary sessions, and Q&A of how God has worked through our team. It’s a lot like CROSS, only I’ll do the rap (just kidding!)
Anyway, the event will be Aug 4-6, in Louisville, KY at Southern Seminary.
We want to educate, equip, and encourage Christians to reach out to their Muslim friends; it’s our hope to reduce fear and increase bold gospel witness to Muslim people in neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. We’re calling it the “Cross and the Crescent” Conference. Even if you don’t particularly end up in the Muslim world, the Muslim world is coming to us, so we need to be ready.
Overall our focus will be on the lessons we’ve learned by living in a majority Muslim context that are transferable to a local church or ministry context in America. And because we want this to be a refresher to CROSS, we will talk about missions in general, too.
You can read more. I pray this will be informative and helpful. Thoughts?