Monday, January 12, 2015

Fifty-Nine Years Since Jim Elliot's Passing

Almost four years ago, I helped put on a church play called "Bridge of Blood: Jim Elliot Takes Christ to the Aucas." We wanted to make it a real period piece and multi-sensory experience, so we showed pictures from Elisabeth Elliot's The Savage My Kinsman, provided a very accurate soundtrack (featuring the Statler Brothers, George Beverly Shea and Andy Griffith, among a few others) and a museum, complete with authentic food and even pictures of Wheaton College's memorials to the martyred missionary team (three of which were Wheaton College alumni).

I'm thankful that, in the Christian blogosphere, we're still remembering the servanthood and passion of this missionary team. 

Jim and Elizabeth Elliot spent their married life serving as missionaries in the jungles of Ecuador, giving up earthly comforts and pleasures for the sake of spreading the Gospel. In 1956, while attempting to build relationships and share God’s love with the Huaoroni people in Ecuador, Elliot and four other missionaries made plans to visit the Huaoroni people. One of the tribe members lied to the rest of the trip about the missionaries intentions, resulting in the Huaoroni warriors planning an attack on Elliot and the other missionaries.

The missionaries were massacred on January 8, 1956  by the Huaoroni warriors.

Even though the lives of the missionaries were prematurely ended, the story of their dedication to God, to the point of death lives on. Believers across the world have been encouraged and edified by the life and legacy of Elliot.

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