Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Take Hope and Do Something

The Great Depression could be greatly depressing or so my grandparents told me. One grandfather would still choke up a bit when he talked about finally finding a job (parking cars) for “wages.” When government relief (as it was called) came to West Virginia, my Nana knew a person who just went to bed and let the drapes rot in the windows.
Yet all four grandparents kept doing things and on the whole looked back on those years fondly. They were young, so were their kids, and they put down the foundations for happiness. They refused to get depressed and did something from building a church to having kids. If Papaw Earl and Nana built a house only to lose it to crooked shenanigans, he moved on. When Granny and Papaw Reynolds faced health problems in the family, they did what had to be done and moved on.
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