Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Someone Found Freedom from Gender Confusion

Disclaimer: The link below leads to a story that is one of many stories of lives changed by Christ. The specific logistics of the change (e.g. the thought process) and the details of this man's lifestyle should not be used to make any type of unhelpful generalizations. The main point of the story is that Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. 
To mark the release of Transgender by Vaughan Roberts, one crossdresser shares his story of how meeting Jesus Christ changed everything. The author has chosen to remain anonymous.
I think I always had the desire to cross-dress. Some of my very earliest memories are of a dress-up box that my brother and I played with. It was probably filled with pirate outfits and funny hats, but there were also a couple of old dresses. I only dimly remember wearing them, but I more clearly remember the disappointment of finding that they’d been removed one day—presumably by my concerned parents.
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