Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoughts/Prayers Now, Wise Action Pending for San Bernadino

Some strong points here. If you want to comment, read the whole article first.
Three cheers for anyone outside the immediate area of a crisis who refuses to pontificate or politicize, but pauses, ponders, and prays.
For some reason, waiting to see what motivated an act, where the weapons were gained, and who the killers were is no longer enough. We are refusing to act says the critic . . . and that means passing national gun control legislation. What legislation? Nobody says, but we should do something.
It is unclear to me why people think praying is doing nothing. If I were an atheist, this phrase would be the equivalent of a public statement of solidarity. What else can a person do in the early moments of a tragedy? When facing the initial trauma of an event, normal people feel sympathy, express that feeling, and this helps everyone.
I pray that God will make my heart just. I pray that the victims rest in peace in the life of the world to come. All of this is good for me. I pray that God will work in the hearts of evil men, knowing He does, but adding my voice, as is fit for me to do. I pray God comforts the hearts of those hurting. This comfort does come. This much I have personally seen when a community was hurting over death, natural disaster, job loss, or sickness.
No Christian thinks that we should “only” pray in every situation, but until we know the situation, Christian are too sensible to suggest what we should do more than standing in solidarity and praying for the hurting. Should we go to war? Should we pass gun control stricter than that of Paris? What should be done?
My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow citizens in San Bernardino.