Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Details of Church Family Reconstruction

A lot of big-time stuff is going on at Mars Hill in Seattle. We don't need to rehash all the past controversial statements and decisions from Mark Driscoll and the church's leadership, but it seemed, with Driscoll's seeming withdrawal from social media and mellowing demeanor, there were some unprecedented changes pending.

Then I read about this.

The author of this blog is obviously not comfortable with this approach to mediation and rebuilding of Mars Hill. How biblical is this cycle? How appropriate is this reconciliation and rebuilding process? It brings up the question of how church leadership (a whole group, not just an individual) should go about confession, reconciliation, etc. and how things should move forward. Should Mars Hill maintain their current confessing leadership and work to restore the attendance and culture that once was? Or should, for example, some leaders choose a form of church discipline or resignation for themselves?