Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Fun: Kids Got Raptured?

Good chuckles from Jon Acuff:

My brother-in-law Justin recently stayed with us for a few weeks while he finalized a move to Nashville. (Everybody is doing it, even Justin Timberlake from what I hear. If Nashville gets an ocean coast it’s game over for every other city in America. Also, North Carolina is in a lot of trouble if that happens now that I think about it.) 

One night, Justin (brother-in-law not Timberlake) noticed a pile of clothes from one of our kids on the floor that looked like this. (left) Realizing that most people, particularly good parents, don’t store piles of clothing on random floors, I quickly reassured him that we were not messy people. (Even though that collection of socks, shirt and shorts kind of looks like a starfish.) 

 I told him, “That’s not just a pile of clothes, that’s the rapture.” 

After quietly running the math of paying for a hotel versus staying with people who are not pre-trib but apparently “post-socks”, he asked, “What do you mean the rapture?” 

I said, “That’s what we call it when one of our kids changes into their pajamas and leaves a pile of whatever they wore that day exactly where they changed. It’s like they were raptured and have been taken up to heaven without that Disney shirt.” 

He laughed, but inside I started to quietly wonder, are we the weirdest Christian family ever? 

 Is it odd to yell upstairs to your kid, “Hey McRae? Did you really get raptured this time or are you in bed, wearing your pajamas? If it’s the second option, please come get your dirty clothes and put them in the hamper where they go. If it’s the first option, I am in significant trouble.” 

Now that I see it in writing, that is weird. 

We’re a weird Christian family. 

What about your family? 

What’s something silly like that you say or do?