Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kaylee the Middle-Child Zealot!

Today, my daughter Kaylee woke up to pink and purple streamers in her doorway and on her kitchen chair. We made her cinnamon rolls for her 4th birthday. Then gifts from family were opened. When I left for work, Kaylee and her sister were happily playing together. I’m hoping it takes them a bit longer this time to go from playing together with new toys to fighting over them. Her birthday party with her preschool friends is next Saturday.

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday to Kaylee, my spunky look-alike!  You’ve got a lot of energy and emotion, and I love your cute little giggle. It’s my hope and prayer that you don’t become the textbook “middle child,” shyly resigning away from intimacy with the family and your true potential in the shadows of your diva-like sister and ever-so-boyish little brother. You’re currently the most prolific singer in the family, and your memory potential is shockingly good. I’m very excited to see what God builds in you!

In any case, have a happy 4th birthday! And never lose your passion and joy in life!