Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Worship in the Midst of a Weary World

girl window
I feel weary when I read the news these days. There’s no one I want to vote for nationally. My state is in turmoil over House Bill 2 (AKA “the bathroom bill”).  I hear stories about life on college campuses, both academically and morally, and I’m deeply concerned. There’s so much brokenness in families, communities, and churches.  How can it not affect all of society?
I also find myself fearing what is to come. As recently as the 2008 election, every presidential nominee supported the traditional definition of marriage. Now that same opinion equates to bigotry. How long will it be before my husband and other pastors like him are arrested for hate speech, simply for teaching and preaching the truths of Scripture? Men like Dietrich Bonhoeffer once preached in Germany without fear. Within a small window of political change, that same teaching made him an enemy of the state. I wonder if we might face the same sort of cultural shifts in the next few years.
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