Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prayer for Super Tuesday

Dear Heavenly Father,
With humble hearts we thank you for our nation, our political representatives, and our freedoms. We especially thank You for the freedom we have to seek Your face when our hearts are heavy. On this Super Tuesday, many Christian citizens’ hearts are heavy.
Too often, Lord, we elect certain political representatives because we misplace all our hopes in personas of strength and empty promises to care for our daily needs rather than place our trust Your capable hands. Forgive us.
Today we pray for Your wisdom today as many of us go to the polls to vote for a presidential nominee. Specifically, we ask for You to help us to make wise, prudent decisions for the sake of our nation. Help us recognize the importance of our choices and also the serious consequences our decision can have on others abroad.
We also lift up President Obama and his family. Please grant the President wisdom and courage to uphold our Constitution. Help him and his family navigate the next several months as they look toward a new season of political and personal life.
Please be with our eight Supreme Court justices as they make complex legal decision that impact the entire nation. We lift up the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. Please help our 535 elected officials to lead with truthfulness and righteousness. We also pray for our state houses, local courtrooms, and public school systems. We specifically pray that our local administrators will acknowledge You and Your authority and goodness.
Finally, Father we thank You for the grace and mercy you’ve shown in our own lives. Thank You for concerning Yourself with our big problems and our smaller ones. Give us strength and courage to be public witnesses for Your glory this day.
In Jesus precious name,