Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why So Few "Miracles" in the West?

Some say they’d have more faith in God if he would do a miracle before their eyes. If they could just see him heal a woman whose body won’t stop bleeding or touch the leg of a formerly lame man, they’d believe. They look to places like Africa or Asia, where miracles, they say, happen all the time. 
Do we have less faith than Christians in such places? Maybe. But experience tells me that no one has perfect faith, and Scripture teaches that even those with little faith can find healing (Mark 9:14–29).
There are perhaps several reasons why we, in the West, don’t see miracles like people do in other places—or like people did in first-century Palestine. Justin Holcomb explores some of those reasons here.
But there is another reason: We classify ordinary medicine as the work of man, not the work of God. And this is a mistake.
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