Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Being a Global Christian

Two years ago, a few Christians and I were having a Bible study with a Muslim man from Sierra Leone.  When we got to one of the exorcisms in the Gospel of Mark, I told him that none of us at the table had ever seen anything like a demon possession, and maybe he could speak more to the issue.  So he started talking about the witch doctor in his village, and how he could point at a goat and kill it with his voodoo, and about how he put spells on people, making them go crazy.
When my friend read the Gospel of Mark, he was glad to see that demons obeyed Jesus. Because he knew what a demon was in a way that we don’t.  As soon as he told us that story, I looked around the table and realized that this was a holy moment for all involved. For all of us at the table, the world had suddenly become re-enchanted.
Who was teaching whom?
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