Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Hellenist widows were upset. They were being overlooked—treated unjustly.
They did not believe they were valued like the Hebraic widows.
It was hard to avoid the racial and ethnic issues of the conflict.
The Hebraic widows, who were more ethnically aligned with the majority of the church leaders, were just fine. They did not see the issue. Why were these Hellenists so upset? What’s the big deal anyway? A widow is a widow, right?
But, the Hellenist widows WERE being overlooked; they were being treated differently, and valued differently—because of their ethnicity.
So, they spoke up.
When their experience confirmed to them a pattern of discrimination, they started a hashtag, #HellenistWidowsMatter to explain that they, too, were important. They mattered. Their needs and lives were important.
That made some people uncomfortable.
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