Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Importance of Everyone Loving Enemies

For the horror of Orlando Pulse,
There is a time for anger and activism.
There is a time for healing and hope.
Now is a time for mourning.
For remembrance. For honoring those innocently lost.
For sincere prayers that the Lord’s love and justice reigns in a world that creates infinite iterations of suffering.
Do not let your anger for what happened turn into their hate.
Because at that point, your hate is no better than their hate. It’s just hate. And there are no positive attributes to the dredge and expanse of hate.
The only way to stop their extremism is for us to stop making hate an acceptable response.
Since the massacre the majority of those on the internet are Christians blaming Muslims. LGBTs blaming Christians. Muslims blaming extremists. Atheists blaming religion.
Love cannot defeat hate when love is being used as the excuse to hate.
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