Monday, April 18, 2016

Does the Bible Support Slavery?

In the age of 140 character arguments and memes, we have sometimes lost the ability to structure a coherent argument to argue for any particular ideological position, and, instead, simply throw out short pithy statements to defend our particular perspectives. Though I am, by no means, arguing that Christians are not also guilty of this, one of the groups that I most-often see utilizing short and un-researched arguments in memes, tweets, etc. are atheists. These misconceptions are then popularized, and brought up in casual conversations with opponents of the Christian faith. I’m often speaking to someone about Biblical morality when they throw out the objection, “but the Bible supports slavery,” as if this somehow negates Biblical morality altogether. Of course, if I asked these same people for a particular text which teaches this, they would usually be unable to do so. They’re just repeating something they saw on a meme, or heard from some talking head said on the history channel (which, remember, is also the channel that shows “Ancient Aliens”).

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