Monday, January 18, 2016

Collection of MLK Tributes

Recent tributes from Urbana leaders, the chaplain of Wheaton College, Matt Maher and more.

If you’re following God, eventually you start loving the things He loves, and you care about the things He cares about. Moving to Nashville, the South, I encountered a greater understand that so much of the American tradition of music was born out of the slavery movement-rock'n'roll, gospel, country, R&B, hip-hop. It all goes back to a group of people who were enslaved and who desired freedom. I had been wanting to write a song based on the speech ‘We Shall Overcome’ by Dr. Martin Luther King. I had begun writing this song with Jason Ingram. I asked a buddy of mine-fellow worship leader and songwriter Ike Ndolo, who grew up in Columbia, Missouri-to write with me. I took what we had started, and asked Ike to, 'Draw from your experience as an African-American male living in the shadow of the civil rights movement still praying for all those things to bear their fruit.’ It’s really the job of the church  today to finished what was started in the '60s. Just because you can outlaw racial discrimination doesn’t mean you get rid of it. This heart behind this song was to inspire other people. I have to think that there are other leaders in the church right now who have a burden on their heart to help lead a movement like this. I think it’s the centerpiece of the whole record; it’s a really special moment. -Matt Maher