Thursday, February 12, 2015

Religious Violence is Un-American

Three Muslim students were murdered in North Carolina very early Tuesday morning. This is a saddening and tragic event. There are vigils being held all across the country, and I'm considering going to one here in Chicago.

This morning, I found a meditation on the event with some good points.

Like everyone else at NRO, I’m disgusted by the horrific murders of three young Muslims in North Carolina. We don’t yet know the motive. The killer was apparently a militant atheist who posted anti-Muslim and anti-Christian writings, and — as Jonah noted — was reportedly involved in an ongoing, petty dispute with the victims over parking. The murder is evil regardless of motive, but I want to take a moment to address three salient points if the murder was, in fact, wholly or partly religiously motivated.

You can read the rest here.